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Hi all wanted to make a blog of my first time cycle using some Dragon Pharma test from PHARMACOMSTORE. Hope you enjoy the read and possibly take away something good from it.

I originally was gonna start my cycle at only 250mg a week at 125mg twice a week. But I had on hand proprionat and decided to kick off my cycle by doing 125mg plus 50mg. I was getting to much pip from the proprionat so I decided .75ml of just test E. It kind of always rounds to .8 which is equivalent of 400mg a week. I still get pip with the Test E only and I kind of been wondering if I should reduce. What got me to finally decide to take test was even though I was always natural I stopped completely making gains(been training for 20 years religiously). Although to be honest gains stopped probably by 32. by the. I noticed year after year I was getting weaker and weaker and getting injured whenever pushing myself even a little. Fast forward 5 years later I knew something was wrong. I always was very sexual but now couldn't hold erections properly and I had tons of issues orgasming. At this point I did blood work at a lab and had very low test levels. I went to my main doctor and told him and had him know and he did again a complete blood panel and saw I was healthy but that. He ordered me to go to a. Endocrine doctor because he recommended test but wanted to know the dosages to give. When his office called to make an appointment they gave me a over two months appointment. Thats when I got frustrated and said the hell with that. I finally found Isarms and Theroux's that some Dragon Pharma stuff and and tried it. The pip was pretty bad in the quad for a couple weeks and because of that I went back to my doctor cause I was worried. I told him directly what I was doing because I had to wait over two months and I was pretty depressed having problems with my wife. He then wrote and hand written letter and got me into that endocrine within a week. The endocrine ordered even more blood work and I told him what I was doing (400mg test E) and that finally I am starting to feel like my old self again. He told me in two weeks my doctor will get his recommendation. The endocrine actually asked me before I even said my dosage if i was taking 500mg test E and i said no 400. so it's just like you said many of the forums tell people anything under 500 is a waste which is hard to believe. Told him I use EOD every other day arimidex 0.5mg and he checked my testicles(which still seem about there normal size) and my chest. It's also very tough cause I don't speak the language and not living in the US anymore and things can be rather tough to figure out with the language barrier. So I can tell you this though. Even with the pip. I love the Strength increase and gains I keep making with all my years of training experience but most of all I love; and to be very direct; how my sex drive has went up tremendously and my orgasms are incredible. Hopefully you guys don't find it disgusting to be so graphic.
I never wrote my stats in previous posts so if curious as of now
5'7"(although with age I think I shrunk an inch or two!)
84kilos(185 pounds)
16.75 biceps
37 years old

My last full stat check was:
16.5 arm
23.75 quad
35.25 waist
44.25 chest
15.75 calf
82.5 weight

I've also been in one competition a few years back which was a wonderful experience and currently in this moment I'm in a "bulking phase". Even with fat always wanted to hit 200 pounds. I am naturally very skinny.

Oh in case you were wondering my before stats:
15.5 arm
21.5 quad
32 waist
40 chest
15 calf
73.6 weight


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