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First of all, i want to say that, i am in no way an expert on SARMS or any anabolic products. I am only here to share my experience on the Rad-140 SARMS that i wanted to use to burn fat and gain back the stamina i lost in a long gym break i had after having my second child. In 2008 i suffered a deep thrombosis in the left leg which turned into 7 pulmonary embolism (blood clot in the lungs). I used coumadin untill 2012, then quit. But i did 2 small clots in the left legin 2016, so since then i am on Xarelto (Rivaroxaban) for life.

Allright, here are my specs : 32 yo, 5'9, 84KG. 18-19% BF. I had to quit hardcore gym for almost a year due to some complication with my second chil and career oriented problems. I never used anabolic products before(SARMS or TEST). I was with a bunch of friends that were talking about that miraculous product called rad-140 and i tought i could try it for one cycle and get back in shape faster and get back to my performance ''plateau'' faster. When we decided to order the SARMS, the guy that was buying it for us told us he was using a stack of Yk-11 with Rad-140 and it was a lot better. So hey... i decided to try that.

Before using the stack, i started hardcore gym w/ good diet for 2 weeks. I hear you, it's not enough, it's too soon, i was in a poor shape ( i could'nt even do 10x 135lbs on bench... while my PR was 235 x 4 a year ago). Anyways, i was impatient to start it and the 3rd monday of my training cycle i started the stack of yk-11 (2 x 5mg/day) and rad-140 (10mg/day).

The first few days i did not feel anything on my body. The 4th day i started to have a really bad headache and weird belly ache. Later that night, when i took my 2nd dose of Yk-11 i started to feel heatwaves all over my face and my ears. I did not like that at all. I could not sleep that night too, due to insomnia and still had weird belly ache. The next morning i stopped using the Yk-11, but kept using Rad-140.

From there everything was good. After the 7th day of the cycle(ended up on a leg day) i really felt the effects of the Rad-140. After almost a year of not training these legs, i decided to hit the leg press hard. I went 630lbs x 4. And i felt really pumped, i felt powerful like never before... I had juice in the tank and i could'Ve pushed 90 more pounds. But my left knee would not have taken it.

The next 2 workouts were great too, i felt the pumps in my muscles, i could already see my muscles getting bigger and me getting leaner.

But the thing is, i started having really annoying side effects : Belly ache came back, small headaches. i also had some weird cramps in my lungs while i was breathing. I had pressure points in my back(lung levels) and i really did not like that. I am kind of paranoid that it's another pulmonary embolism that could form in my lungs, it's probably not the case, but i wont take any chances.

So i've read on the pharm that is producing the SARMS i was taking and i was not pleased with what i saw. I could go in detail on that, but all i can say is that i would'nt trust these SARMS sellers anymore.

I've always been natural and it will stay like this for me. I have no doubt how nice it must feel to be on these things for several weeks (hell, i felt it for only 3 days and it was awsome). Sadly i did not take any BF % or weight measurements (casual joe, not a body builder :p) to show the progress of a 10 day use of Rad-140. But as you already know, it's pretty impressive. I just wanted to share my story, since there is not a lot of story available on SARMS yet... If you have any questions, feel free. As i said, i know i should not have started that. I just went all-in to see what it was. You don't need to judge me, but feel free to do it lol.

P.S : English is not my native language, be kind!
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I highly doubt you had anything legitimate with the side effects you were experiencing. Besides that, yk11 is not something we would ever advise to anyone.

It's absolutely crucial to have quality legit sarms, and that's not what you had at all


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there's no way you had legit rad brother...

I looked at your video 2 or 3 times while doing my research on SARMS before starting them (which kind of convinced me, it looked so miraculous). And as you and the gentleman above you stated, it's almost certain it was not the ''most pure'' of SARMS i had. I had a lot more side effects than actual benefits. Now, i thought about buying from another companie, like SARMS1. But i am way too scared of what could happen wrong.

I just wanted to share my experience, so anyone looking thru google search can find this thread and get more educated about finding good SARMS and not just trust a guy that tells you it's good stuff.

It turned out that the guy that sold these SARMS to us ended up peeing blood after his last cycle. If he would've told us that before hand, i would've never used them.

Thanks for the inputs, i will maybe try to look at SARMS in a couple months when i am more in shape... Or maybe not... ;)

P.S : If you are interested i can PM you the name of the LAB that i used. So you can prevent some people from using it...