Anyone have experience with Dutasteride?

Not on AAS, but I have been on Finasteride for a year and have still been experiencing some hair loss, which is concerning seeing as I am only 21 years old. Thinking of switching to Dutasteride. I am willing to risk the chance of higher sexual side effects if it means protecting my hair, as the psychological effects of losing my hair at such a young age is to me worse than lower libido.

So, for those of you with experience with Dutasteride:

- did it reduce your hair loss more than Finasteride?
- how were the side effects?
- how long did it take to stabilise your hair loss
- what dosage were you taking?

PS - If anybody has experience with spironolactone, please share too.


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i have no experience with it but it is very very similar to finasteride and carries the long term side effects that will wreck you... its really just up to you how much its worth it... i can condone it knowing the side effects it can bring...


Yes it's very similar but I think the half life is longer and it's a bit more stronger than Finasteride.