hair loss

  1. Cocopiny

    Hair loss

    Hey guys, So please don?t respond to this unless you know your shit in regards to the pharmacology/ and or have a lot of first hand experience. So I?ve been cycling gear for the past 4 years, and just very recently started noticing some hair loss. It?s likely due to my most recent 12 week run...
  2. J

    Sudden Hair Loss

    I am almost 26 years old and have been on TRT for almost 2 years. I have done a few blasts but nothing extreme. The last 3 weeks I have been experiencing hair loss on just the top of my head. My hair is also extremely dry. My first thoughts were ?man it?s the gear?, but I find that unlikely...
  3. B

    Quick Question on LGD Hair shed

    Hi Guys, Let me start by stating that upon the word of Dylan and Rick, SARMS do not seem to affect the hair follicles to anywhere near the extent of the more potent anabolics. I also respect their opinion and advice 100%. With that said: Before taking ISARMS LGD and Ostarine Recently, due to...
  4. J

    First LGD cycle advice needed

    Age 31 Height 182 Weight 78kg Body fat % 11 Years of training 10 and 6 seriously Complete cycle history (compounds, doses, lengths of time, when they were run) No cycles ever run PCT for each cycle, See above Goals - Build Lean Mass and stay fairly lean Supplements (if any) WPI, Dextrose...
  5. W

    DISCUSSION - Topical Anti-Androgen for DHT sides

    Whats up homies, New member, 23 year old Graduate from Exeter Uni (UK), doing a placement year in China now. Been lurking these forums for a couple weeks and I love the content and advice some of you guys are putting out.. Cycle History - 1st Cycle 10 week Test E 350mg, no noticeable sides...
  6. K

    Is hairloss a possibility during PCT

    I worry that lowered testosterone levels from using Osta and S4, followed by heightened testosterone levels during PCT might cause hairloss due to the initial compensatory DHT produced during cycle, followed by the heightened DHT produced from using Clomid. Do you guys think that hair loss is a...
  7. K

    Spironolactone and RU58841 for Hair loss

    Hey guys, So often the conventional Finasteride/Dutasteride and Minoxidil is not enough for some people, even when not using AAS. I have been reading up on alternative or combination treatments for hair loss, and have stumbled across topical Anti-Androgens. Although little research has been...
  8. K

    Anyone have experience with Dutasteride?

    Not on AAS, but I have been on Finasteride for a year and have still been experiencing some hair loss, which is concerning seeing as I am only 21 years old. Thinking of switching to Dutasteride. I am willing to risk the chance of higher sexual side effects if it means protecting my hair, as the...
  9. J

    When will I recover from short term T3 use?

    Hey guys, So I used some T3 (25mcg) that I had bought a while back for 3 days until I read about the potential it has to cause hair loss. I immediately stopped taking it. After such a short period on the medication, I was wondering roughy how long it would take for my thyroid to bounce back to...
  10. B

    2017 hair regeneration technologies

    11 HAIR REGENERATION TECHNOLOGIES...2017 "...Pagers, horses & buggies, black & white tv's, are all in the past. So is Minoxidil, Dutasteride, Finesteride, and hair transplant surgeries..." (1) Shiseido/Replicel (2) Histogen (3) Brotzu Lotion (4) RiverTown...
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