Anyone else getting these?


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Over the past week I’ve gotten these emails and I wanted to check and see if anyone else has received them. Seems they are being quite persistent for just wanting feedback and it screams suspicious to me.

Anyone else gotten these emails recently?


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If you are not sure about such an email is legitimate reach out to a rep for the sponsor *supposedly* sending email as it may be a scammer impersonating them. Do NOT reply or click any links in such email until you get verification that it is a legit email.
Your concern is understandable. Each time you see something that you consider suspicious it's a good idea to notify sender about any possible issues. And in this particular case your concern is much appreciated. You're just receiving a promotional email.

In regard to the current survey, you can simply reply "STOP-BOT" to notify our bot to cancel follow-up emails if you feel uncomfortable answering this.

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The Steroidify Team.
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