24 and considering HRT


I am 24
13-15% BF
Before I ever cycled, my test sat anywhere from 360-400 and my LH and FSH were in the 3’s. This is obviously low for my age. I have regrettably done a few test cycles. I know that I am too young but at the time I felt helpless because no doctor was willing to help. My levels normally sit around 360-400. However, I recently tried Dylan’s pct and my levels are now 491 and my LH is at 6. (I reckon my mistakes were a blessing in disguise) Is there an explanation to why I am at the highest I have ever been? Second question, would it be safe to compete with these levels? I love to compete and would hate to give that up. I now have a doctor who is willing to prescribe HRT but I am not sure if it’ll be the right move. I will have to be on it for the rest of my life eventually at some point. The only thing I would worry about is fertility but if it’s not in God’s will to have kids, so be it.
sure you can compete, why couldnt you? also, you just said you ran my pct protocol so why would you be confused as to why your test levels are the highest they have been? im lost.. you answered your own question... what exactly did you run the pct for? was it not to improve your test levels?? is that not what it did??
I’m saying they’re the highest they’ve ever been AFTER I ran your pct protocol. They’ve never been that high before. That’s what I don’t understand. And in terms of competing, I know your test levels tank out when doing it naturally. I’m already on the low end so that’s why I’m concerned.
clearly they are higher after your pct... i have no clue why they are at their highest... i dont know when the first time was you tested them, i dont know how many or what kind of cycles you have ran etc... im not a psychic man...
oh boy. I REALIZE that but i dont know how old you were then, what other underlying issues you had etc... regardless, what does it even matter? are you not happy they are higher now? clearly the protocol worked to help...
How long after pct were the bloods taken? Clomid and nolva have very long half lives (several days) so it can stay effective in your system for a week or two after pct raising your levels above baseline
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