1. L

    [LOG] RAD140 - SR-9009 - MK-677 - LGD-4033 - GW-501516 - MK-2866 - Mod GRF 1-29 - Ipa

    [LOG] RAD140 - SR-9009 - MK-677 - LGD-4033 - GW-501516 - MK-2866 - Mod GRF 1-29 - Ipa
  2. J

    New to SARM's and would like opinions/info on my stack/plan

    So I'm almost 19, I'm very determined to go on SARM's as I've been training hard since 15 y/o and know quite a lot about my body, diet etc. I'm planning on taking LGD-4033, 10mg/ED in conjunction with GW (Cardarine) 20mg/ED for a 12 week cycle (Are those correct dosages?) I'd be doing this on a...
  3. C


    Hey there guys I have just purchased myself some LGD-4033 still waiting for it's arrival. But my question here is if I do a LGD solo (Might pick up some S4 or MK-2866 along the way) will I be able to gain muscle mass whilst dropping body fat? I know this is a weird question and it might not...
  4. The_Gat5

    LEARN FROM ME! Blue Sky Peptide / Evolution Peptides / Southern Sarms Review (FAKE)!

    It's a long title, I know but I'm hoping google will bring people here. I have "tested" SARMS from every one of the websites listed below. I have paid for all of these myself and am posting this in the hopes that people who are trying to find info will turn up this post. If any of you guys...
  5. S

    Sarm Cycle

    Hello I've been doing a lot of research for a couple weeks and looking into starting a sarm cycle. I want to do a cycle with LGD, S4, and Nutrobal. I would also be using Cardarine with this as well. Is this too much for one cycle? How would I go about spacing all of this out and for how long...
  6. J

    LGD 4033, GW, and S4 Questions

    I am currently running: 10 mgs LGD Daily (Week 6) 50 mgs of S4 Daily (Week 6) 20 mgs of GW Daily (Week 6) HCGenerate Daily DSpark Daily My question is two-fold (well, maybe three or four fold, haha, but we’ll see as I continue typing)… I will start by saying that I am considering running...
  7. A

    Sarms pct restart help

    In the beginning of December I started to take sarms lgd4033 . First 10 days did 20 mg which is a lot and then reduced 10 mg a day for another 15 days. During the end I felt very suppressed that is why I stopped. I was able to get nolva and chlomid . Chlomid from some one I know and nolva from...
  8. TotalPackage

    LGD or Tbol?

    Hey guys........just a quick question for opinion. Consider you are already running Test either at TRT dose or cycle, and if you wanted to add just LGD or just Tbol which would you add? The reason I'm asking I've ran both together (LGD and Tbol) and I've ran them both separate. As far as...
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