1. K

    Most cost efficient Bulking SARM?

    Hey guys, Planning what to buy for next bulk cycle, was wondering GENERALLY SPEAKING what the most cost efficient bulking SARM is if you can only buy ONE 12 weeker. I.E best muscle to price ratio if that makes sense haha, assuming everything is on point of course. RAD is cheaper than LGD but...
  2. K

    Should I add my LGD to my recomp or save for a bulk?

    Hey guys, So I am currently 3 weeks into a 12 week SARM recomp cycle with Osta, GW and S4 (only 4 weeks worth of S4 left though). I have LGD on hand which I was planning on saving for a future bulk alongside RAD. Buuut I am so very tempted to use it now, which would mean running just RAD-140 or...
  3. C

    Need PCT Help - Stack gone wrong

    Hey Guys! I think I got a bit of gyno... I know, I fucked up! haha. But I could use some advice on how to proceed! My sarms stack was: LGD - 10mg RAD - 10mg MK - 4mg I purchased these from IRC Biologic Online Ran it for 8-9 weeks I was extremely busy at the time and did not do my...
  4. K

    Question about Osta from SARMSX

    Got some questions: 1. Why is each Osta bottle given at 50mg per ml when the suggested dosage is 25mg per day? Doesn't this mean each bottle lasts you twice as long as the other SARMS? 2. For maximum muscle gain, should I buy Osta or LGD? LGD is said to be stronger, but I get twice as much...
  5. K

    LGD vs Testosterone

    - How would bulking on 10mg of LGD compare to say 250mg of Testosterone p/week in terms of muscle development? - How would bulking on 10mg of LGD compare to bulking naturally in terms of muscle development?
  6. K

    Lgd and Cardarine recomp?

    so im about to start a cut --> recomp cycle and can only afford two sarms. I already purchased Cardarine and I am interested in LGD. How does this plan sound? Weeks 1 to 4 Cut: 20mg GW Weeks 4 to 16 Recomp: 20mg GW and 10mg LGD No need for pct as I am on trt.
  7. D

    Best Standalone SARM for Recomp

    Hey Dylan, what is the best standalone SARM for recomp? If you could only pick one SARM? Thanks
  8. F

    Second SARM cycle, LGD and should I stack it with anything?

    So it's my second SARM cycle and from I've been reading LGD is the strongest sarm but is also a lot more suppressive than the rest. On my other post other members have recommended stacking LGD with RAD but from what I'm reading this is very suppressive. I ran MK2866 for almost 12 weeks now and...
  9. Shunka Witko

    LGD and GW cycle

    So after much deliberation and reading, I've decided on using LGD and GW for my first SARMS cycle. My ultimate goal is a little better aesthetic look. I'd like to gain 3-5 lbs of muscle and drop some more body fat. Currently I am 185 with approximately 16% bf, 46 yo and 6'0" and taking TRT at...
  10. S

    Best Sarms Cycle for Bulk + PCT

    Hey guys. Need advice on the best sarms cycle for a bulk. Im looking to stack as much as I can with LGD for the best results. I don't mind wet gains as I'm not looking to recomp. Also I'm training very heavy and have my macros on point. Please advice. Looking to buy and start asap.
  11. S

    Inspired by Dylans TBol enhancement, possible lighter Tren?

    Hey guys, just made this and deleted it, time to retype So what I'm doing here s trying to emulate Tren, for people who can't use Tren for any reason, this is gonna be a little rushed because I already went through it all once haha Ok here we go NPP 300-400mg per week, more if experienced-...
  12. C

    Bunk LGD

    Hey guys, I bought some bad LGD 4033 from a Research Chem site and after doing some reading I have no doubt that it is or has been mixed with some prohormone. I'm on a relatively low dose, and on week 2 I'm starting to feel/see some early signs of gyno. Puffy nipples and there is soreness as...
  13. 3

    Test e vs. LGD Cycle

    After making my mind preparing to order my first gear stack of test e, with nolva,hCG,arimidex...I came across SARMs. I see all these comments about how good it is and now I'm really debating whether to use which one to be my first 'enhanced' cycle. I've done plenty of research on both but not...
  14. R

    LGD-4033 and RAD-140 stacked

    What's up bros, I'm trying to prepare a stack with lgd and rad but I can't find a clear schedule to go by. I'm looking to bulk and put on some great size. I'm 5'9 at 175lbs with about 11% body fat. I want to achieve 185-190 in a 12 week cycle if that's possible. Can someone give me a good plan...
  15. S

    Recomp Stack 8 weeks - Questions

    G'Day from AUS Just ordered the sarmsx Recomp Stack 8 weeks. Few Questions going forward. Question 1 - What dosages should I take for each sarm, and what frequency?. Question 2 - What PCT should be ran (is a mini pct liquid clomid or nolva enough) Question 3 - What results can I expect from...
  16. TWW

    LGD Kickstart Length for Test Cycle?

    Running Test Cycle January, February, March... Kickstarting with LGD as recommended by Dylan. Unsure how long I should run LGD for. 4, 8,12 weeks? Should I run LGD January only? January and February? November, December and January? Leaning towards November, December, January. Thanks in...
  17. RK77

    First SARM cycle in consideration.... any advice highly appreciated!

    Hey guys! New to this forum & new to SARMS, in search for an advice. Being at age 39, 5' 11", 240 lbs and cca 16% bf I am now stronlgy considering 8 - 12 weeks LGD-4033 solo run. I am lifting since i was 19 years old ( almost 20 years ), always maintained healthy lifestyle, never took any AS...
  18. biggamike

    Stacking Tbol with LGD-4033 and Rad-140 as kick start to cycle

    Whats up everybody! This is my first time posting on this forum but I see a lot of guys on here from another that I used to post on. Anyway, while watching one of Dylan's videos he mentioned stacking T-bol with LGD and RAD-140 as a substitute to Dbol and Drol to get Dbol like effects without...
  19. H

    Lgd help - first cycle

    Just received my first 3 bottles of lgd and looking for some advice with regards to how to cycle it. Was planning on running it for 8 weeks at 10mg/day - wanting to add size. Is this too much? Also, what should my PCT be composed of? Do I actually need one? Do I need to be taking anything in...
  20. D

    Acne from LGD

    Hey Guys, So since Ive started LGD for about two weeks or so longer, Ive gotten a decent amount of acne on my arms, no where else just my arms. I know that plenty of factors could come into play here that being eating, sweating, oily skin, etc. Lately Ive been tanning and using Clearasil twice a...
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