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LGD or Tbol?

Hey guys........just a quick question for opinion. Consider you are already running Test either at TRT dose or cycle, and if you wanted to add just LGD or just Tbol which would you add? The reason I'm asking I've ran both together (LGD and Tbol) and I've ran them both separate. As far as gaining lean size, I can't tell much difference between the two. I'm wondering if any of you have individual experiences with the two and what is our conclusion from the use of these two compounds individually. Thanks for your input.


I have yet to use LGD. I do love tbol and would choose that myself. If you are saying the results are a close comparison and you cant decide then I think I would go LGD. Less to worry about hormonaly and also less toxic. I would think generally cheaper too.
Im running tbol now at 60mg and its pretty fantastic. Like I said, cant speak on the LGD.
Thanks TX. Yeah, that's what I'm leaning towards. I do have RadJay Tbol set up for my next run, definitely will use that to see if any difference from what I've used before. I may have had under dosed Tbol in the past.


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these two do so well together that i would honestly do them both... they compliment so well and its a combination i often recommend...