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Thread: Tren advice

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    Tren advice

    How do I cut fat on Tren?

    I?m 6?4 240 and eating 2,500 calories a day which I assume is already a calorie deficit, but haven?t lost any weight. Definitely adding some muscle.

    Should I add sprints? More hiit workouts?

    My goal is to get under 10% body fat. I?m probably sitting around 15% right now.

    Would appreciate anyone?s advice on how to get this done!

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    you cut fat by eating in a deficit... clearly you would want to add cardio, which is going to be quite difficult on tren... why not just run a sarms cutting stack to start cutting fat? you can still gain muscle in the process and save yourself ALL the side effects with tren...

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    Maybe, I?ll take a look

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    Cutting on tren typically comes because it ruins your gut so you can't eat as much. I actually recommend not really using steroids to cut. Steroids for me just make me want to eat and try to grow. Mentally I get to a better place regarding cutting by using things like Cardarine and SR-9009.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Robbypickles3 View Post
    Maybe, I?ll take a look
    Definitely take a look, plus all the Coa's are incredible on all products, I currently am on a cutting sarms cycle that Dylan setup, you will be happy you went with

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    Yea man i mean you can cut on Tren but as stated above tren will hurt your cardio endurance which is a key for most when it comes to cutting.

    If you are dead set on running tren then at least add in cardarine from it will help mitigate the tren sides.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Robbypickles3 View Post
    Maybe, I?ll take a look

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