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Thread: Testosterone, winstrol and HGH use

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    Testosterone, winstrol and HGH use

    Hi Dylan I just saw your YouTube video on usage of testosterone and I知 trying to determine what痴 good for me and how a cycle works. The information that I知 getting including from pharmacist is to look at my age and weight for the proper dosage. By the way I知 55 weight 110kg and train 3 times a week and want to move that to 5. I work in a office and my workouts are about one hour each time. I have and intend to continue using HGH and a professional athlete has stated that combining testosterone and winstrol at the proper dosage can have very good effect Can you provide some guideline as how do I understand a cycle and what is the proper way to go to determine my use of testosterone and possibly the other options I just mentioned

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    what is your body fat percentage? how tall are you?

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    Have you done blood work to see if you're a TRT candidate? I don't recommend Winstrol at your age it's very toxic on your lipids.

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