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Thread: Taper cycle ? Yes or no

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    Taper cycle ? Yes or no


    Looking for opinions, MY previous test cycle I did a beginner style 8 week taper.. Up the dosage for 4 weeks, then taper back down for 4. Before running my next cycle would I see better results just running a consistent dosage every week. Test CYP is what I will be using. My stats should not matter, as all im looking for is opinions based on previous users results.

    Thanks guys.

    I am bulking, plan is to run test solo since im still fresh in the gear game, how ever I may pair a sarm with it. Not sure. Thanks again

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    Your stats do matter, how old are you?

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    actually your stats do matter, in a major way... if you are going to ask questions, DO NOT tell others how to answer the question for you...

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    No stats no answer Mr smarty pants

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    Fair enough, thought it would not matter as I figured someone would say one way to do the cycle is far superior than the other. But I appreciate you guys taking the time to respond and apologize. IF you have time to respond info below.

    Stats- 22
    est. 12-14%BF
    4000cal intake daily.
    Really would like to be 220 by summer (main not be attainable but its a goal)

    Let me know if more info is needed, Thanks for the help guys

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    No one is on here is going to advise a 22yr old regarding testosterone use.

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    Must have missed the rules and regulations and age requirements to ask for an OPINION on an online steroid forum LOL.. No one asked for your advice. It was an opinion based question I wasn't looking for an accurate dosage and for you to coach me through it.

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    you can ask all you want dude... thats your call and its your life... noone can stop you from reading anything you want on the forum or watching any video etc... noone is trying to be a dick to you but on the flip side, noone with any sort of sense, care or half a fucking brain cell would advise a 22 year old to use steroids or discuss them with said person to give them info and help directly on how to use them... im sure you can find someone who could give two fucks about you or who wants to make a sale off you and advise it to you but thats not how its done here

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    Too young for cycling bro. Plain and simple

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    Why would you go for testasterone booster at this age?
    You don't like woman?

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