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    Hello Dylan. First off i apologize if my english isnt that well. Im from holland but a big fan. Ive been following your youtube channel for quite a while now and i was wondering if could ask you a question. Ive been into sports for about a decade or so but weightlifting is my thing since the last 5 years. Now let me make one thing clear im absolutely NOT into bodybuilding or the whole physique look. I myself always wanted to be just a big and strong guy. My goal is to join a local strongman event in the next few years or so and im pretty good ahead on my schedule. Bodyfat and that sort of stuff doesnt bother me as much as long as i dont get a gut like a lot of strongmen dudes. Im 28 years old 178cm (im sorry i dont know the us metric system) 225lbs on an empty stomach in the morning @ 18% bf. Callorie intake is about 4000 or a little less. All pretty clean. The bf% is a guess but you can decide of you watch some of my profile pics. Ive beent into steroids the last 2 years. Did 3 cycles.

    1 test-e 500 + pct
    2 test-e 500 + 200 deca + pct and hcg 500iu 2xpw during cycle (not during pct)
    3 test-e 750 + 400 deca (16 weeks and 2 weeks extra test at a low dose) and also the hcg same ammount + pct.

    Now! I know you're always on good pct and im still learning each and everyday so im pretty sure you will not completely agree about my pct but its already done anyway.

    My last pct was tamoxifen 40/30/20/20 pd.

    The question; i got my bloodwork done after 2.5 months after pct. Yes i know its short but last time it wasnt such a big deal. Bloodwork is pretty fine except my own testosrone levels have dropped to 3.8 where is 6.7 minimum. Yes i know its pretty fast to judge after such a long cycle and i will have to look into it in about a month or two but i hoped (because of last pausetime between cycles was just as short) i could do the same trick again. Do you think i should bump my levels with some clomid or get some extra bloodwork done? Or do you think its wise to sit this one out for another 2 months? I have practically zero complaints. Not tired, strength is pretty much the same, libido is somewhat lower but im good to go eod.

    If you would like to respond that would be great. Greetings from Holland

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    your pct was very very incomplete and its going to take a very long time to recover if at all... you have abused your body with horrible pct's and now, its not likely you will ever recover properly and what on earth do you mean its too soon after 2.5 months? if your test is still that bad after that amount of time, you clearly have issues...

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    18% BF is too much. I'd avoid AAS for now and bring that BF down about 5 points. Especially if you want to take Nandrolones.

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    Thanks for replying Dylan. What would you suggest as for a minimun pct after such a cycle? All of the dealers around here always go by 4 weeks nolva and so do almost any guys i know that are cycling on and off. Hence my pct. Is there anything I can do to get my test levels up to normal at this point? Also theres alot of broscience living by the rule: "time on is time off". If im pinning 18 weeks with 2 weeks in between my 4 weeks pct, thats 24 weeks total. If i get my bloodwork done after 12 im according to this theory only halfway my recovery time. Hence i thought i would maybe be too soon to judge.

    @9th wonder. If you wouldve read my initial post you wouldve seen im not into bodybuilding or physique. Saying youll have to bring your bf down is the most standard given answer on all forums. That being said, the people who give this advice are giving it to the guys who are into bodybuilding. I want to compete in strongman and not many guys there are around 13% as you propably know. In fact a friend of mine competes at a pretty high national level (top 5) here and also competes international now and then. Hes on several 19 nors simultaniously for longer periods and no where near 13%.

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