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Thread: S4 side effects

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    S4 side effects

    How extreme are the night vision side effects from s4? I’m starting a cutting cycle and would like to add it. My issue is that I work shift work, and I’m trying to determine if the night vision side effects would be an issue working nights

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    they are made out to be way worse by some than they actually are... everyone is different on how it may or may not bother them

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    That’s what I kind of figured. Thanks bro

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    no problem

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    Honstly man depends if you work a dangerous job at night like let’s say police work graveyard then I would say any eye issue that can be avoided should be. I found it very annoying the vision sides to the point where I don’t think I will try S4 again, but with that being said I really like the compound itself in terms of what it did to my physique.

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    On week 7 of a 12 week cycle @50mg per day. Minimal to no vision side effects at all.

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    I think I’m going to give it a try. My job isn’t that dangerous. Still have to be able to see though. I think s4 would be great to keep strength while in a caloric deficit

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    Give S4 a try. Its the one sarm that will react fast. Within 5-6 days you will notice strength gains and hardening. Within 2 weeks (well for me that is) you will see if you pick up any vision. Most of the time just a hint of yellow from lights, and maybe slower for your eyes to adjust. I notice it but didn't bother me. That was 50mg. Now Im on the second time and I think my body has adjusted to S4 no sides at all. Im worked up to 56.25mg and no sides. Next week Ill work up to 62.5mg and see. Again this is me, but you will love S4 its a must

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    Awesome. Thanks for the feedback guys

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