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    Unhappy Need helpful advice

    Hi guys,

    I am new to sarms, and not a bodybuilder or in any training.

    I am a 65yo male who suffered from Anemia all my life due to medical misdiagnosis.
    Since I fixed that problem I am left with cardiovascular damage from the resulting uncontrolled BP over the years.

    My question is would SARMS be helpful in rebuilding the body and would they be safe to use given my age and health condition?

    Many thanks for any advice!

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    they are designed to prevent muscle wastage so if that has become an issue, they could be helpful to you... its not necessarily your age, its your condition medically that is what should be considered when using ANY ped... i nor anyone else can make that decision for you, thats something you have to decide yourself.. personally, i would be hesitant at your age if you have struggled that long medically and are finally overcoming it.. i would say to not use anything that was not natural.. i would never want to see you go through anything else or start another issue or rehash an old one...

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    Given the issues you have I wouodmt take a risk with anything that could potentially teally aggravate anything even if it had the slightest chance of a complication. Not at least until you are free and clear of any real medical issues related to the cardiovascular system

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