Rad 140, Ligandrol, yk-11


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Hey everyone, I?m super new to sarms and I?m on the end of my first week of this stack. Only question I have is, do you guys take ibuprofen if you?ve got a headache and is it okay to do so while on these? I?m taking 12mg of yk-11, 20mg of rad-140, and 20mg of ligandrol, all liquid compound. The reason I ask is because I have a severe migraine and I?m not usually prone to them. In addition to this question, I also am supposed to take my cycle support every 5th day... was just wondering if anyone could further elaborate on what the cycle support actually helps with? I have a general idea but just curious. Thanks in advance guys.


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Where did you get your sarms from?

I have used all of those compounds except for YK11 and never got a headache.

Your dose of LGD is double the recommended dose. RAD140 is fine as is YK11 dose.

Have you checked your blood pressure? If you got something other than sarms like a prohormone or oral steroid it could cause this.


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If you are regularly experiencing these migraines I doubt the SARMs have anything to do with it. In any event, ibuprofen does not interact with SARMs so no issue there but I would not pop them like candy.


YK11 does have some small amounts of toxicity but SARMS in general would not cause you to have headaches like that. Ibuprofen will not have any interaction issues with SARMS but do not become dependent upon it, especially during this time where it has been noted that people taking Ibuprofen are far more susceptible to having problems with the Corona virus as well. So tread lightly


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Headaches should not be a side effect of that stack, but if you already regularly get them, this could just be coincidental. There are no contraindications with ibuprofen and SARMs, but do no use abusive doses of it or any NSAID.