Please help me with RAD & YK stack


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40 years old, 5'9, 202 lbs, 25 bf. Have very muscular legs genetically & no upper body, so my goal is to bulk upper body to balance esthetics. All my fat is in my torso, but I'm told that while using this alpha breed bulking stack the fat will melt away & be replaced by muscle. Is that true? Have awesome personal trainer with SARMs experience, but he wants me to research for myself. I have at least 5 years experience in body weight exercises, but fell-off since January & gained it all back. Along with proper nutrition & workouts: Will this stack do the trick? If not what else do I buy & especially where from as I'm new to all this. Thanks bro's.


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i cant help you with a yk stack.. i never recommend using that and certainly wont start now... you have some seriously bad info... alpha breed bulking stack? come on bro.. you are 25% body fat... you dont do anything for bulking and what you hear is marketing bull shit.. you are not going to melt fat and replace it with muscle like that... thats not even close to accurate... you can definitely drop fat with a great diet, training and some quality cutting sarms but absolutely not with what you are reading etc... thats pure bull shit to say the least


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The only thing that melts fat right off of you is diet. Based on your current condition you'd be far better off going with a stack aimed at cutting. I wouodmt recommend bulking when you are that high in bodyfat