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Thread: Planning to run a short cycle

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    Planning to run a short cycle

    Hello sir...
    Im from India , I am 26 years of age and I have been a huge fan of your videos, the information that you provide is great.
    I was planning to run a short cycle around 8-10 weeks max . I need to talk to you about what would be the exact compounds for my body.
    And how do I contact you and the fees you would charge to help me with the information.
    Waiting your respond sir.
    Love from India.

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    what are your full stats? age/height/weight/body fat?

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    8-10 weeks is a waste in my opinion.

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    I am 26 years , height-172cm weight 70kgs body fat around 14% .
    I am a dance instructor so I don't want to become very huge or something..I want more of a aesthetic look...

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    so that poses the question of why would you even use steroids? it doesnt make any sense... sarms are exactly what you would want but not steroids

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    Have less idea about sarms . You suggest cardarine?

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    with your goals, i would go with gw501516, s4 and mk2866... that would be the perfect stack

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    Thank you so much sir... love from India...🙏

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    happy to help bro

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