Here?s the case, i LOVE the strenght & pumps of Tbol/Dbol. Test with dbol or tbol are just awesome. With deca added its a craaaazy time , i grew like hell. Have tried tbol, dbol, rad140, mk677, deca, eq, tren etc, have atleast 8 different cycles in my bag. I convert pretty hard, so over the years i dropped dbol for tbol. Also never go over 500mg test, feels if gives me more sides the gains. Dont want to eat AI like candy. 300mg test/week are pretty solid for me. Good to know i guess. Im also 185 on 100kg and round 18% fat.

After last cycle i got terrible shoulder and back acne, This was a cycle with test/tren/Tbol, i hade some acne already in the cruise but during cycle it got way out of hands, guess it was trens androgenic that pushed it over. Had to resort to accutane. Went low dose, 25mg for 5 month, 1 month left as we speak. Been on cruise for 12 weeks, so theres 3 month with no tren and only TRT dose and accutane. My acne are almost gone, back is fine and shoulders down to some small red blushes. With 6 month of accutane i dont want to put anymore stress on my liver with orals, did resently do a bloodwork and liver is fine (Everything else to for that matter), just slightly elevated liver values, almost in range of "good to go" numbers. But still, 6 month of accuitane are a long time, and it may have to be extented some weeks more.

So here i am trying to figure out my next move. It will be lean bulk cycle if you look at kcal, maybe even close to +/- 0 kcal, make it as lean as possible to grow but not add more fat then nessesary 18% is already to much. Right now i eat 190-220g protein, 260-300g carbs, 140-160g fat, 3200-3500kcal. At this im pretty steady on the scale, 4 workouts a week.

Tren is out of the picure due to the acne, i wont risk it before my skin is 200% fine again.
Im to fat for Masterone, wont be worht it
Deca, love it, good to go
Eq, dont now, run it one time and wasnt that good, maybe had bad gear Also dosed it a little to low i believe. Hows EQ on acne?
No orals this time to let the liver rest (I already got 100*20mg Ostarine though, Dont know how liver toxic it is?)

I was thinking of either.........

Test 300 mg week
Deca, 300mg week (Iv used 300mg deca before, no decadick what so ever)
Mk677 20mg ed

Solid cycle i alredy have used, but lack of tbol/dbol this time. This are an option for sure.


Test 300 to 500
Eq 600
Mk677 20mg ed

Should they be equal?

Or try the combo

Test 300
Deca 300
Eq, 600 still?
Mk677 20mg

All the of theese can be boosted with Ostarine since i already have it, if you think it will add anything and are not to liver toxic. Im leaning towards the last cycle, if the EQ wont mess to much with my acne. Fun with a cycle i never done, but not if it set backs my acne. If i stay on accutane i guess the oil skin of EQ wont be a problem. Or do you recommend something else?

Appreciate any advice you have

Best regards