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Thread: Next cycle

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    Next cycle

    I was thinking of my next cycle
    Wanted to do lgd and gw.
    Wanted to put on a little size.
    After that I was going to run a follow up cycle of course size is goal but tho it of adding sr 9009.
    I am not familiar with it but thought it might cut a little during the second cycle.

    Was looking to do a 2 compound cycle then a 3 compound cycle.
    Only looking at it this way to take advantage of a sale.
    Yes I will wait between cycles.
    Any suggestions on other compound choices would be greatly appreciated.
    I can not do s4. I get bad vision sides.
    I have done . S4, gw, rad. Lgd in the past but not all together.

    2 successful sarm cycle and 1 tbol cycle

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    that would be a good cycle... have you thought about trying yk11 or s23? the new sponsor here has them both...

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    I have not. I am not familiar with them. I know in the past you did not have much information on them since they were newer.
    What are your thoughts on them. If you have already put down your thoughts could you point me in the right direction. I will do some research tomorrow.
    Thanks in advance.
    I forgot to say earlier in the first cycle I already have Tbol to use in the first 6 weeks.
    I of course am just trying for the most keepable gains along the way. Not just instant gratification. Ha ha at my age no time to mess around and experiment.
    Wish I had done that when younger.

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    heres a good writeup to read on yk11

    YK11 is a known myostatin inhibitor. Myostatin inhibitors work by allowing the body to develop or increase muscular capacity at a rate faster than the body can do on its own. YK11 becomes attached to the androgen receptors found in the body. Androgen receptors are hormones that govern sexual development in men.
    Once the substance has attached itself to an androgen receptor, it sends signals to the muscles. These signals request more follistatin to be produced. Follistatin is a protein responsible for the enlargement of muscle tissue. At the other end of the scale, the levels of myostatin reduce. This leads to an improved rate of speed of muscle growth.
    YK11 is a dihydro-testosterone derivative. This makes it similar to synthetic anabolic steroids. It has the same structure as all other types of steroidal hormones while possessing the same actions as a selective androgen receptor modulator. In reality, it is neither. It is what is known as a pro-hormone. When it comes to muscle growth, this product is a popular and effective option that is rapidly becoming one of the most utilized ways of building muscle mass and strength.

    The benefits of YK11 are plentiful. Unlike anabolic steroids, the mechanism of the compound targets specific cells only. This eliminates many of the unpleasant side effects associated with anabolic steroids, SARMs, and human growth hormone. The benefits that you can expect to receive with using YK11 are as follows.
    It helps to enhance muscle growth to a level much higher than without it. You will not experience any water retention or its associated side effects. A sharp increase in the levels of follistatin in the body with a drop of myostatin levels.
    None of the common side effects associated with anabolic steroid use.The possibility of surpassing your genetics with regards to muscle mass accrual. It can be added to any cycle for additional energy and muscle growth due to different mechanisms of HGH, steroids, and SARMs.
    Increased level of muscle fullness while providing a hardening effect.
    As you can see from the above-noted benefits, its effects go far beyond simply creating larger muscles. Many individuals enjoy a side-effect freecycle that leads to rapid increases of lean and solid muscle mass. This is one of the biggest draws for the compound. While it is typically side effect free for the majority of people, that is not to say that side effects are not a possibility. Below, we will take a closer look at some of the side effects that have been noted with YK11 use.
    [COLOR=#146DB1 !important]YK11


    • Increases muscle mass
    • Increases muscle strength
    • Burns fat
    • Improves recovery
    • Enhances endurance
    • No negative side effects


    It can cause hair growth. For many men, this is a positive side effect that is welcomed. Regular anabolic steroid use can lead to hair loss, making YK11 ideal for resolving this issue.
    Gynecomastia, the development of male breast tissue is a possibility. The majority of people using YK11 do not experience this side effect, but long-term use can contribute to it.
    Mood changes are not uncommon and can result in an increase in aggressive behavior. If mood changes are noticed, it is recommended to reduce the dosage. Those who are taking the recommended dosage rarely experience mood changes.
    YK11 has a methyl ester. Methyl esters are known to be toxic to the liver. This is not normally a problem when the recommended dose is adhered to and the effects on the liver are negligible.
    It is possible to become dependent on this SARM. You may also notice a decrease of muscle mass once you stop using the compound.
    The substance may affect prostate health. This can lead to issues with sexual dysfunction and a decreased libido. However, unlike other steroids, it does not contribute to prostate problems that other steroids are known to do.

    It is recommended that a dosage of 5 mg each day is taken. Those taking less than 5 mg of YK11 each day may fail to notice any results. For those who have used SARMs in the past, 10 mg to 20 mg of YK11 should be easily tolerated.
    At 10 mg, the majority of people will notice rapid muscle growth. However, you should never take more than 20 mg of the compound to try and expedite results. 20 milligrams is the maximum safe limit where the majority of people experience little to no side effects.
    As is true with all supplements and medications the more you take, the higher the risks are for experiencing undesirable side effects. 20 mg have been shown to provide extensive muscle growth while remaining safe.
    For those who are using medication or anabolic steroids. It is recommended that you first check for any possible contraindications. If you are unsure, you should check with your medical practitioner before you start taking it.
    If any serious or chronic adverse side effects are experienced, you should discontinue its use immediately.

    When taking YK11, individuals can expect to see a dramatic increase in muscle growth. Along with great muscle gains, the amount of time that it takes for muscle growth to occur is reduced. Unlike many anabolic steroids, YK11 does not lead to water retention. This means that any muscle mass growth that the individual experiences will be solid muscle tissue, also known as dry growth.
    Besides the increase of muscle tissue, there is also an increase in the amount of body fat that is burned. YK11 makes it difficult for the body to store fat, resulting in a more defined physique. When combined with the increased muscle mass, more calories can be burned turning your body into a powerful fat-burning machine.
    Individuals who use it will also notice a dramatic increase in their stamina levels. This allows for better reps and improved muscle growth. One of the more surprising effects that the compound has on the body is one of anti-aging. It helps to mitigate the effects of various chemicals found in the body that contribute to hair loss, wrinkles, and body fat deposits.
    As YK11 is neither an anabolic steroid nor SARM, none of the common side effects associated with them will be experienced. This makes it an extremely effective supplement to use for increasing muscle mass, energy levels, and mood while decreasing body fat and the risk of side effects.
    YK11 stacks great with andarine, lgd 4033, ostarine and andarine.
    The majority of individuals find the substance to be side-effect free. When using the supplement, it is important to ensure that you exercise to encourage muscle growth. Typically, people notice an increase in muscle size in a short span of time along with improved stamina and overall health and well-being.

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    YK11 is the perfect choice for professional weightlifters, bodybuilders and those looking to increase muscle mass quickly and safely. It is important to ensure that you exercise while using the product.
    The compound is also safe for women to use. However, those who are breastfeeding are recommended to avoid using it until they have finished nursing as the compound can be passed on to the child, which can affect development.
    For this reason, it is also recommended that pregnant women avoid using it. Unlike anabolic steroids, YK11 will not cause clitoral enlargement, excessive body hair or a deepening of the voice.
    YK11 is considered to be safe for use by everyone, and side effects are minimal and rarely experienced when taken at the recommended dosage.

    YK11 is one of the most effective muscle growth compounds available on the market today. It has been shown to promote the development and growth of lean muscle mass and is considered as safe for use.
    As the substance is not actually a SARM, any future bans or changes to the law will unlikely see it becoming a banned substance. Although it is often mislabeled as being a SARM, it is actually what is known as a pro-hormone.
    Being a selective compound, it only targets specific cells in the body. This is where it differs from anabolic steroids. It also presents with fewer side effects, making it an ideal choice for those who cannot tolerate steroids. Combined with its safety and fast-acting effects, YK11 is the ultimate non-steroid choice for muscle growth and fat loss.

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    Awesome information.
    Thank you
    Did a little research but still doing more.
    My initial understanding is YK11 sounds very good. What dosages do y?all recommend?
    I see it comes in 10 mg. Meaning at 10 mg daily you should get 30 days from a bottle.
    Of course if you run 20 the need is to buy double. It is a little more costly.
    S23 I think it sounds like it is even stronger than yk11. However being strong usually means more sides.

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    10 mg per day is generallly pretty strong... you could go up to 20... s23 is basically the strongest sarm you could wrong but yes it is much more suppressive than others... results wise its very similar to just running a steroid as well, if not better... I have seen MANY say its stronger than anavar... i havent personally used it yet myself

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    Next cycle

    So I think I have changed my mind.
    How does this sound?
    Cycle one
    Gw. 20 mg 1-12
    YK11 10 mg 1-12
    TBol 50mg 1-6

    Might get enough YK to up the dose to 20mg if it is going well.
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    definitely a nice stack... i would consider stacking s23 in there too but otherwise looks awesome!

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    I thought I might just stick with one main sarm like YK just so I can see how I react too it. Then might try S23. If I like them both then I can stack them together. This way I know know what each one does and I react to them.
    I really want to try sr9009 after I add some size that I badly need.
    So many toys to choose from!!!

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