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Thread: Medicinal dose of deca

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    Medicinal dose of deca

    Just wondering about adding deca to my next cycle for additional joint comfort but not for any gains or muscle. What would be a "medicinal dose" for that purpose

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    i wouldnt recommend that... its a band aid to the wound and offers no real healing capabilities, and could leave you worse off than when you start since its just masking the wound... if you want real healing benefits, without the steroid side effects, go with mk2866 and/or mk677

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    You should go with the 2 SARMS listed above by Dylan, using deca like Dylan said is a bandaid and temporary, once your off it will be worse.

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    My joints felt great on NPP, could push heavier for sure but you want to be careful with that mind set man. Reason being is you may push yourself harder through an existing injury because the deca is making everything feel fine but when you come off you will be in much worse shape and in more pain or discomfort. Its a band-aid fix.

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