Hello Dylan, I found your videos while researching products that can help my recovery. My knee dislocated practicing jiujitsu and had work done one my ACL, LCL, PCL and meniscus. I’m 3 months post surgery and have used injectable BPC-157 and TB-500 for the past two months and am about to order more. Would you recommend a SARM to add on to help my recovery? SR9009 and maybe MK2866 seem like good candidates. Can I take them with the other peptides? Is there something else that would be better? I’m 46 and 6 foot 170. I got down under 160 post surgery with the pain and meds making me not wanting to eat. I’m off all meds other than CBD. I’m the cook in our house and I make sure we eat well. My life was very active surfing and mountain biking pre injury and had just started jiujitsu. I’m not looking for miracles and know I still have a long road in recovery. I’m looking for help getting back to being more active, building back to what I was pre injury. I don’t like sitting around and do some sort of workout every day. I know you are not a doctor and can not give a medical recommendation but I’m hoping you can help a guy with some advice. Thank you very much!