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Thread: mk677 and dextrose

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    mk677 hyperglycemia

    Hi. First time posting but I've been following posts here for the past month and value any input to help me with my experimentation. I am about to begin my first use of mk677 and I've read many studies and anecdotal experiences regarding its decrease in insulin sensitivity, increase of fasting blood glucose. From what I've gathered it's not much of a concern with a healthy diet consisting of low GI carbs. I however have been using dextrose powder in a pre and post workout shake which consists of 1g dextrose + 0.5g whey protein per kg body weight which I drink half pre and half post workout. My question is whether the dextrose which is obviously a very high GI carb will be problematic while taking mk677. Thanks in advance for any help.
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    i would just proceed with caution and perhaps lay off the dextrose when you start it

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    I'd stick with Dylan's advice here.

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    Listen to what Dylan has to say. This man is very knowledgeable.

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    Yeah I've taken Dylans advice. Thanks for the information. I also bought a glucose meter as a precaution. I've been taking mk-677 for 12 days now and I have been using the dextrose only post workout. My fasted blood glucose levels are about 90 so all is good so far on that front. I do plan on using the mk for a long term cycle. Perhaps a year. I'll keep measuring my bg levels periodically.

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    just always keep an eye on everything bro

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    Test your blood every few hours with a blood glucose meter.

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    That's what a friend of mine does.

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    What would I be looking for if I test every few hours? I'm under the impression it would only tell me the glycemic load of whatever I had eaten recently. Are there certain parameters that blood glucose should stay within even after eating?

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    MK-677 can raise blood glucose levels even significantly in some. You need to make sure your blood sugar is not already elevated before adding any dextrose.

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