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Thread: Cycle stopped from gym shut long till I can start up again ?

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    Unhappy Cycle stopped from gym shut long till I can start up again ?

    Hi there,
    I was running 10mg of rad 140 for 2 weeks and then 20mg of rad-140 for a 2 weeks (total of 4 weeks) before the gyms were forced to close again on 7/13/2020. I jumped off it the day of closure because I was unsure if I should continue taking it based on not being able to properly strength train. I was also running MK677 for those 4 weeks, but did not stop running it as I continued to do the best I could with home workouts.

    2 weeks after I jumped off, I noticed i was getting back acne which is unusual for me. It has mostly cleared up now but still concerns me that I should have ran a PCT even though it was only 4 weeks.

    Recently I Found a gym that moved outdoors near me and would like to try running rad-140 again. How long should I wait till I am safe to run it (It has been almost 4 week) ?

    Also, I get such mixed information on whether or not to run a PCT when taking sarms. Can someone please tell which route is best when using sarms ? And should I still run a PCT even thought it has been nearly 4 weeks?

    Lastly, in the furture where do you recommend I buy sarms from?
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