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    cycle help

    Theres a dude in my gym big body builder I said I wanted to do an anavar test cycle he said no I need anadrol and test he wants me to take big amounts but after watching your YouTube video on anadrol Iím more inclined to go with you so wondering what you thought of this
    Week one 25mg anadrol ed
    Then 50mg ed for the last three weeks
    Test cyp 250mg for 8 weeks

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    First things first... Please post your full stats, goals, and cycle history.

    Cycle history

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    Age -33
    Bf - Iím not sure on this but Iíd say Iím slightly overweight
    Goals- build muscle mass
    And itís my first cycle
    Weight -206Lbs

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    You don't bulk when you're overweight bro. You need to get down to 12% before try to put on weight. You need to cut but you're not in condition to be using steroids and definitely not Anadrol. SARMS would be perfect to help get you into shape along with proper diet and cardio.

    PM me for a discount code.

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    you dont bulk when your overweight and you dont use steroids when your overweight... not to mention you dont listen to some dip shit at the gym who has no clue what they are talking about...

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