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Thread: BPC-157 questions

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    BPC-157 questions

    Guys, a training partner of mine (40 years old, fitness professional) is having knee replacement surgery and is looking for supplements that can aid in the healing process. I suggested that BPC-157 might be something to consider but I know nothing about peptides. I DO know that there is a trusted source at the top of this page. I was wondering if anyone had experience with BPC-157 post surgery or if you had any peptide or SARMS suggestions. Thanks in advance!

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    i have been pushing to get this added on the site and its finally there! check it out, this is the most ideal for healing!

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    Than you Dylan!

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    happy to help !

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    Besides that there is also HGH, Nutrobal, Ostarine that are great for healing.
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    yes stack it with TB500. great peptide. worked great for me

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