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Thread: Pre contest cycle

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    Pre contest cycle

    Hi guys i am new here
    Trainning from 3 years now
    5 cycles under my belt
    I have used deca test tri tren eq before

    Age 24
    Height 5"11
    Body weight 81 kgs

    My goal is to reach 105 kgs

    My pre contest cycle will go from 11 dec 2017
    The cycle will go like this

    1-4 dbol 40 mgs ed (kick start)
    1-16 Test E 500 mg per week
    1-10 Deca 400 mg per week
    9-16 Tren A 300 mg per week
    1-16 Hgh 4iu 6 days per week sunday off
    17-20 winstrol 50 mg ed
    17-20 test p 50 mg ed

    The competion will be on 12 may 2018

    Cycle will start from 11 dec 2017 n will end at
    6 may 2018

    Currently working naturaly
    Dont was to use gear right now

    Need expert advise
    Please help

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    you're still too young for steroids.

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    Older bro
    I have no option left i just have to compete
    Please help me out
    I need your help
    I just dont want to use drugs randomly

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    Please its my request to you help me

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    Please help me

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    Help plz
    Some buddy hrlp me

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    Twenty four years old and already five cycles, with only three years training? I'm sorry bro, Doesn't matter how many times you ask, you'll not get cycle help here.

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    The advice is try SARMS, we understand your position, but in this forum we try to see beyond the short term gains and into your older years. At your age AAS use is a big no-no. Trust us, in a few years you'll be glad you followed this advice, so again, try SARMS.
    Best of Lift

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