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    First SARMS Stack

    Hey Dylan was wondering if you could help me out. Height: 6'0 Weight: 198 Pounds / 16% Body Fat Age: 22 Did a 12 week Ostarine cycle last year and saw slight gains along side some fat loss and strength increases in the major lifts - stayed the same body weight. Have been weight training for...
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    want detailed step by step first sarms cycle

    Hi i am a 25 year old male 6.2 feet tall 176 lb about 15-18% body fat i can do 110Lb dumbbells on flat bench and squat 200Lb just for perspective. i am looking to start my first sarms cycle for bulking now i want to make it very clear that i want to do everything as safe and correct as...
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    First time SARMS user - need guidance!

    Hey Dylan! I'm a 28 yr old male who's been lifting for a good decade now. I've never done SARMS and am just learning about them. I'm a 6'2 190lb ectomorph build that's looking to put on 20 lbs of lean muscle mass. What is your opinion on what exactly I should be taking SARMS wise and where is...
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    Steroids withdraw

    Hi Dylan I fallow all your video and I did a cycle fallowing your recommend dosage, the Cycle was with deca,EQ,test E, aromasin and caber, and i Get excellent result, the problem was when I stop the cycle all my joint star to hurt every single one, and im getting muscle ache and extreme fatigue...
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    My third cycle - test deca primo?

    Hey Dylan and anyone else with good advice, So I’m trying to get going on my third cycle. My first cycle was test cyp 250mg/wk for 10 weeks then taper off for the last two weeks. 2nd cycle was 420mg/wk for 14 weeks. I did not use any ancillaries on my first two cycles and my pct only consisted...
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    First lgd 4033 cycle

    Hey guys, please help. I watched thousands videos and red so much and still don't know what exactly I got to do in my particular case. I am 33, 172 lbs, minimum fat. I 've never done anything yet but really want to bulk up. Based on all research I realized that I want to run a cycle of lgd...
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    Running test and deca second cycle.

    Hey guyz i have my second cycle ready just wana run it by to c if everything is good to go. Im 30 years old weighing 93kg around (205lbs). Im around 15% body fat and have been training for over 3years. My first cycle which was around a year ago was test e only at 300mg a week for 8 weeks and...
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    Dylan i need help..low testosterone

    Hi dylan Im a big fan of your work...a few months back i asked you in youtube comments to start a sarms cycle so i got my bloodwork done today My total testosterone is 199ng/dl My FSH is 3.14 and LH is 1.0mIU/ml Prolactin is 12 ng/dl I hav 25 %body fat but my sex drive is still good I am...
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    how early should I start my pct coming off a 14 week enethate cycle so that I can kickstart my hpta as soon as possible? Thanks!!!
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    Pre contest cycle

    Hi guys i am new here Trainning from 3 years now 5 cycles under my belt I have used deca test tri tren eq before Age 24 Height 5"11 Body weight 81 kgs My goal is to reach 105 kgs My pre contest cycle will go from 11 dec 2017 The cycle will go like this 1-4 dbol 40 mgs ed (kick start) 1-16...
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    Lgd 4033

    Dylan is there any current promo for lgd bro?
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    I need help. Age.24 Wt.226 Ht.5'11" BF.18% Experience-2+ yrs Gear used-a handful of pro hormones and test cyp I'm on my 7th week of RAD140 at 20mg a day and have had great results I want to extend to a 16 week cycle, I've heard Dylan Gemelli say this can be ran for 16 weeks and just wanna...
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    sarms stack with Tbol

    hey Dylan what would be the pct protocol when stacking sarms with T bol LGD-4033 10 mg ED 12 weeks Rad-140 20mg ED 4 weeks 30 mg ED 8 weeks T bol 25 mg ED 1 week 50 mg ED 4 weeks T bol being run for the last 5 weeks of the cycle for PCT i was thinking of running clomid 50/50/25/25...
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    Test dbol deca 2nd cycle

    G'day everyone been lurking for a while big fan of Dylan Gemelli. Planning to run my second cycle test dbol deca I'm looking for some more info on how to run the cycle properly and safely. First cycle was test 500 mg week and dbol 30 mg for 4 weeks, didn't take any AI and got big like a balloon...
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    Sarms cutting stack? Help

    Hey boys, starting a cut and I would like to know what the best sarms are to take and stack together. Only problem is I just had laser eye surgery and my night vision is terrible right now, very hard to see and it sucks because of my work I do drive lots in the night so I don't want to take S4...
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    Help with my cycle

    Hi Dylan, Just want to get your feedback on whether you think the below cycle is good to go or needs amending. I'm 37, 6'3" and 228 lbs approx 13-14% BF. Looking to gan some muscle mass and strip some more body fat. Wk 1-10 Sust 100-150mg eod Wk 1-8 trenbolone A 75mg eod Wk 4-10 Winstrol -...
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    Mk-677 dosing

    Just to be sure, one bottle of mk 677 from of 25mgs/ml @30ml will last a month or 30 days if I take 25ml a day? Seems kind of expensive if so. Also, I heard best time to take it is before bed. Thoughts?
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    New SARMS User Question

    Hey Dylan, How are you? I've been watching your videos on YouTube for the past few weeks. They are awesome thank you! The information you give is priceless and you so informative. I really appreciate them. So on to my question. I just put in an order for 4 different SARMS and wanted to know if...
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    Huge caloric deficit question?

    Hey guys gotta question If someone was in a massive caloric deficit, say over 1000 calories below their maintenance but was running mk 2866 would they loose any muscle? Or does mk just really slow down muscle loss but not prevent it 100% Just want a little more info about the muscle sparing...
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    Need help with dosage...

    I am going on a 250 mg twice a week of test e and i have 25mg. Aromasin tablets,20mg. Nolvadex tablets, 50mg.clomid tabs,and a bottle of hucog 5000-hp, which is 5000iu/1ml. taking .5iu with every test injection and 12.5 mg aromasin every 3 days... Im trying to figure out if it is ok to...
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