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    Sarm Bulking cycle

    Hello Dylan and my fellow gym brothers. I finally decided to go on a cycle after researching a lot about sarms and watching dylan's videos about each and every sarm i'm going to write about. I decided to use sarms to see how much size i could put more ontop of my body right now and by the looks...
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    Female (37yo) thinking about using Winstrol for the first time.

    Hi All, Sarala here. Newbie to the forum. Have been lifting and competed in the past (no gear). I'm 5'4 currently at 140lbs, I am in shape all year around, always watch what I eat. When I say I'm in shape, you know, visible abs. Work out 4-5 times a week. Last year I tried Anavar for the very...
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    pct options

    i just finished one bulking cycle. it was a 12 weeker dbol to kick start it. 50mg ed for the 1st 5 weeks and deca 600 for the 1st 10 weeks. test-e 750 for 12 weeks. tren-e 750 for 12 weeks. i was 86kg, now im 98kg and been off for 3 weeks i just finished hcg 5000iu each week starting the second...
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    Best Stack to Reach My Goals

    What are your thoughts on stacking RAD140 with SR9009 or GW501516? Which would be a better second compound SR, or GW? I'm a 26 year old competitor bodybuilder with seven years of competitive experience, and 12 years of lifting. My first competition is for the year is, May 21st. So my goal is to...
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    Best & Proper PCT for Ostrine MK-2866

    I've been using Ostrine by it self for exactly 30 days. I take it in pill form, at 25mg once a day. I need some advice on running a proper PCT, to avoid gyno, and other side effects. At the moment I have a bottle of HCGenerate EX that I plan on using post cycle. Dylan in one of your videos I...
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