Dylan i need help..low testosterone

Mohsin Lodi

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Hi dylan

Im a big fan of your work...a few months back i asked you in youtube comments to start a sarms cycle so i got my bloodwork done today

My total testosterone is 199ng/dl

My FSH is 3.14 and LH is 1.0mIU/ml

Prolactin is 12 ng/dl

I hav 25 %body fat but my sex drive is still good

I am so panicked dat i posted this ...
My estrogen level results wil come tomorrow.

Please help as i want a good physique n better lifestyle
consult an endocrinologist for a proper complete work up and diagnosis
If you are hypogonadal and arw put on a TRT need to be monitored by a qualified Dr for at least a year until you have stablized
you need to go to an endocrinologist bro, not go to anyone on the internet about this... this is strictly for a doctor... just as buen said, you need to follow that asap because its clear you have an issue that needs addressed
With your levels where they are, you don't need us. You need to go see an endo for treatment
OP, I am also new to the world of TRT. As others have already stated go see a Dr and tell him how you feel. I too had a good libido with lower natural test, but lacked energy and the over all well being. I have been on 125mg test/week for 6 moths now and it has made a world of difference.
please just go to the doctor.. this is not something you should be asking anyone other than a doctor
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