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Thread: MGP customers

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    MGP customers

    MGP will be taking a short break... estimated sometime between 2-4 weeks. Nothing to be alarmed about, Thin is just taking a much needed and well deserved break for himself. Any questions or concerns feel free to message me during this time. Thanks for ALL of your support!

    Team MGP

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    Well deserved... Make sure u let it be known when ur back up and running.

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    Thanks for letting us know man. He is a busy guy. Hopefully he gets fully stocked up while he is gone. Keep us updated!

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    Rest up we all need a break once in awhile. Can't wait to put in another order. It's hard work putting out quality product every day.

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    Thanks for.letting us know. Rest up.

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    Good to know! MGP is the best and great service! We all need a break!

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    Thank you for all the support guys.. Once hes back he will be grinding it out even harder!(if thats even possible)

    Team MGP

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    Hope he enjoys the time off. He's earned it

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