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Thank you for this link! I've been a True Nutrition guy for awhile now and I've also noticed the flavors getting worse and worse as Dylan mentioned. I'm currently choking down 15LB of vanilla whey right now. After that, I'll be giving raw dynamix a shot and I have high hopes after reading the positive comments in here!

the new chocolate coconut bar from true nutrition is pretty good but just as you noticed, for some reason the flavors have drastically changed from what they were and its so disappointing considering the track record they have had... this was definitely not a recommended change whatsoever and i hope they get enough complaints to fix it...

im extremely pleased with raw dynamix right now... the blueberry muffin and cinnabun are hits for sure

I plan to get both of those flavored very soon. I think both would be great flavors for my protein pancakes!

the blueberry muffin is so good in oats bro so im sure it will be extremely good in your protein pancakes!

Awesome! Good to hear!

i have a coupon code for you... ADMIN that saves 5-10%... not much but anything is nice!

Everything helps brother! I will definitely be using the code! Thanks!