I’m 37 yo, 195lbs, around 10% BF and have run multiple cycles and I am on TRT. I just came off a test/eq cycle that I ran for 16 weeks at 500/500 per week. I have a ton of cycle support; my medicine cabinet is like a pharmacy.

So, this week I dropped back down to TRT levels and have felt horrible all week. I have had fevers, sweats, fatigue and aches. Has anyone else experienced something like this post cycle? I’ve never had any issues in the past.
I went thru something similar after my tren cycle. I tapered up to 350 prop 700 ace (two weeks at this dosage) then dropped the ace and continued prop at 350. 3 days after dropping the tren I didnt sleep for 2 days and I was more irritable than I was on cycle. I plan to taper off in the future. Test/EQ are long esters so I don't think what you're experiencing is related to AAS use. Maybe you are actually sick.
It takes 2 - 4 weeks for your body to adjust to the changes in hormone levels. Just press on through. You have to find ways to push through it. I usually do lighter, higher reps and take an extra day off during the week because recovery is slower.

I usually add HGH during my cruises to help with recovery and keep things a little more interesting.
How long have you been at that body fat? Staying at that level of body fat for a long time can have a negative impact on your overall health
Man I never experience feeling like crap and i cycle on and off still and never really do a pct and always bounce back I really feel all this boils down to genetics in recovery even if you trt .

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hey bro.. its normal to feel that way although being on trt, it shouldnt be as bad as you are experiencing... are you sick by chance and not realizing it?
Well, I’m about to find out what is wrong. I woke up urinating blood and there were blood clots. Super painful! I’ve never experienced anything like this before.
Ended up being a Kidney stone. Went to the VA hospital and they took care of me. First time every having one and never what that again lol.
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