when to take HCG during the last 4 weeks of a cycle


hey guys, after watching videos of Dylans, something confusing came up to me and i want some clarification on this.

I know some basic stuff such as we should never go more than 1000ius a week, hcg should never be used in PCT, and hcg should not be used more than 4~6 weeks

So let's say i'm doing a 16 weeks cycle of test and eq.
Based on the fact that HCG should be used at last 4 weeks of this cycle,

option 1:
use HCG starting at week 13~16 week (4 weeks total), and then wait 2 weeks, and then do PCT for 4 weeks

option 2:
use HCG starting at week 15~18 (4 weeks total), and then do PCT right after the last shot of HCG.
So during 17 and 18 week, i'm NOT gonna be injecting any AAS, but will be injecting HCG. And then smooth transition to PCT from week 19~22 (4 weeks total)

option 3:
the same as option 2, BUT do PCT 4 days after the last shot of HCG.

Any thoughts,

feedbacks are welcome.

Thank you so much!
you just take it the last four weeks right up until pct... it doesnt matter if you start pct the next day after your last hcg shot or a few days after... you are overcomplicating it.. however, i have a new product coming out this week that will totally erase the need for hcg use.. it completely replaces it... here is the link...
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