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What are some of the best locations to find PED information, outside of thiscommunity


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Hopefully, this isn't a 'lazy' question. It is certinaly not intended to be. I very much value the knowledge in this community.

I was just wondering if anyone can suggest the best, most reliable steroid forums and or websites around, out side of isarms. (some of your favourites)

Isarms is an excellent source of information, with a community that seems passionate about supplying useful information. In order to research and crossreference information Im trying to make my way through the old interwebs, to find other good sources of information; however its easy to get lost in the noise and hard to determine what information is correct, and what not to listen to.

I was hoping members of this community could point me in the right direction of blogs, forums, website they respect.

Thanks so much for taking the time to read this.


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Super Moderator and are also both excellent forums... those two along with isarms are the very best out there..


Yes, and are both EXCELLENT sources of information as well. We wanted to be on those two boards as well as ISARMS because through all of our research these are the three best resources of information by far over the other communities out there