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weight loss pills with pre work. Bad combination? also running gw,s4, and testbooster


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So I just finished a test tren cycle of about 9 weeks 325mg of both a week for 5 weeks and threw some winstrol depot and the end at about the same mg for the last 4 weeks. looking great at 34, 5'7, 185lbs and 17% body fat last time I checked about 4 weeks ago.. I did loss cardio though due to the tren. running my 2 laps before work out became difficult but not impossible. Any way. I started pct noveldex, ran and monitored letrozol threw my cycle and also strated gw 50156 with s4 and test booster today. I also have a fat burner that I want to throw in the mix but I'm worried that pre workout with the fat burner might be to much with what I'm already taking. any advice would be cool thanks. Oh and yes I also used liver support during cycle.