Vacaition mid cycle


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hey guys.

im running 400mg of primo 250 mg of test e ew
10 mg mk677 ed for 16 weeks

i take 200mg primo and 250 mg test e evry sunday
200 mg of primo evry thursday

im going og holidays in january. 12 days gone i need to fly.
now i start think what is the best solution for me to not fuck the cycle up to much
can i just shoot 400 mg primo & 250 mg test the day before i leave? then keep on my training on holiday?
come right back at it again when i come home?

as far as the mk677 i have 2 options
1: take a break get back on when i come home?
2: scrabe all info of the bottle og pack it in my lugage?

side question: i wonder if i need to take hcg on cycle when my cycle is 16 weeks?
i believe i dont need to, just start 2-4 weeks before end of cycle ?

hope u got some good answers for me ty :)
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