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    Lean Mass cycle

    I’m my ifbb training buddy outlined a cycle for me for lean mass gain. It seems like a lot to me and wanted to get y’all’s input. I’m 6’3, 235, 14% bf The cycle is Test C Npp Eq Primo Turinabol Weeks 1-6 Test 500/ week Primo 600/ week EQ 400/ week NPP 150 eod Turinabol 40-80mg ed Weeks 7-12...
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    Female cycle

    Hi, I’ve done a few cycles before both with Sarms, oils and orals over the years. Hoping to get some recommendations for my next cycle. Stats 31y, female, weightlifting 6days a week, cardio 6-7 days a week(mostly cycling), 140lb, 5’7, 15% bf. My latest cycle started with carderine and s4 to...
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    Primo Dosage

    Hey, quick question about my next cycle. I have done a Sust, DBOL cycle before, looking to do another (different). I have Test-E and primobolan. I am planning on doing 500/week of the test. My question is, I was able to get 3 vials of 12ml of 150 Primo, would I be better off doing the...
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    Help to intermediate inject cycle: Primobolan only or add EQ?

    Hi everybody. I need advice on my 2nd IM cycle. Background: been lifting for 10 years. Diet, sleep schedule and program is on point. I’ve run 2 Anavar only cycles (3 and 2 years ago) some months ago I finished my first IV cycle. It consisted of: Sustanon 250 - 250 mg: week 1-4 Primobolan - 300...
  5. R

    Need cutting advise !

    Hi,im 25 ,male 5.10 183 lbs 14-15 % bfl Done 3 cycles before ,rn im on test & deca have another month of bulking,but after that i have to cut for my mp competition,l have 16-20 weeks to cut last year i ran Test E - 350 mg & 500 mg EQ for 16 weeks,added winny 50 mg for last 5 weeks,results were...
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    Best way to Increase Collagen Synthesis

    Long story short - I've been on testosterone and aromasin / clomid, hcg for the past 10 years because my endocrine system shutdown some time ago and was diagnosed with hypogonadism. (Hypothalamus shutdown as did my Pituitary Gland) I'm now facing surgery on my cervical spine for C6,C7 for...
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    Vacaition mid cycle

    hey guys. im running 400mg of primo 250 mg of test e ew 10 mg mk677 ed for 16 weeks i take 200mg primo and 250 mg test e evry sunday 200 mg of primo evry thursday im going og holidays in january. 12 days gone i need to fly. now i start think what is the best solution for me to not fuck the...
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    Light Cycle, Suggestions ?

    Hey Forum, Stats 182 cm 87 kg 12 % BF upcoming cycle 300 mg test e / weekly 200 mg primo- as an (addition for the test) / weekly 50 mg prov / Daily PCT: Tamoxifen 40/40/20/20 wk Clomid 1. day 100 then 50 e/d any suggestions or critique pls comment, NO hard feelings from here :) ! OBS...
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    Advanced aas/sarms cycle advice - primo primo primo!!!

    Good Morning Dylan, Rick, and the whole crew! Currently planning my next advanced AAS cycle. And after running a few very successful AAS and SARMS cycles that you kindly helped me with I am planning my next AAS cycle stacking some compounds together for the first time based on some of your...
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    4th Cycle planning : Training, Diet and Supps: Please comment and advise

    Hi All, Apologies for the long post but I have in the past been asked to add more detail so here it goes: I would like to start a discussion to get some feedback and thoughts about a recomp cycle which I am planning. I specifically would like help with regards to diet in respect to deciding...
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    Robolics primobolan

    Hi guys I am knew here read a lot of great things about robo wondering if any of you guys had experience with his primo? How is it? The reason I'm asking is I am planing my first pre Comp cycle and read great things about primo. I would like your help to create a good first pre comp cycle. I...
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