Primo Dosage


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Hey, quick question about my next cycle.
I have done a Sust, DBOL cycle before, looking to do another (different).

I have Test-E and primobolan. I am planning on doing 500/week of the test. My question is, I was able to get 3 vials of 12ml of 150 Primo, would I be better off doing the recommended 600 dose for a shorter period of time or do a smaller dose for longer? I could do 10 weeks at 540/week, or 600/week for 9 weeks and so on. I know the usual recommendation is to go longer with primo 12-14+ weeks. So, would I be better off going heavier for shorter or lighter for longer?

Just to throw this in, I also have some Deca from before. Would it be worth it to add in maybe 200 Deca in with this cycle? I know primo and Deca are sort of contrary (dry/wet). I wasn't planning on adding it but I figured I would get people's opinions.
I would recommend 500mg or so per week for primobolan. It is fairly expensive to run, but you should like the results.
Primo is a great one that you don't see a ton of guys running. Maybe it is the price or just the fear of getting fake gear. You will do great on 500mg per week which will allow you to go more than 9 weeks. Keep us updated on your progress once you get going.
Real Primo will have some PIP are you aware of this? Be prepared...
I had heard about that.... any recommendations on how to moderate PIP? I am resigned to some suffering.

Also, do y'all think leaving off the Deca is a good idea? I'm not looking for a big mass gain, more around lean gains, dry.
you dont need deca here and primo pip is not bad at all generally... its possible but you will be fine