Help to intermediate inject cycle: Primobolan only or add EQ?


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Hi everybody.
I need advice on my 2nd IM cycle.
Background: been lifting for 10 years. Diet, sleep schedule and program is on point. I’ve run 2 Anavar only cycles (3 and 2 years ago) some months ago I finished my first IV cycle. It consisted of:
Sustanon 250 - 250 mg: week 1-4
Primobolan - 300 mg: week 1-4
Anavar - 50 mg ed: week 1-5
Sustanon 250: - 500 mg: week 5-13
Primobolan - 600 mg: week 5-13
Followed by 6 weeks PCT.

The gains were good and I’ve kept most of them. I am very satisfied with the cycle however, I wish to turn it up a notch (but not too much!) for my next cycle.

My thoughts: I am looking for lean gains and I do not like bloating (why I avoid using dbol and Deca which are very popular compounds where I live)… cycle length: 14 weeks + PCT.
I wish to swap sustanon to Test E.

Cycle Idea 1:
Test E 500 mg/week
Primobolan 800 mg/week
Anavar 60 mg ed: week 1-6 and week 9-14

Cycle idea 2:
Test E 500 mg/week
Primobolan 400-600(???) mg/week
Equipoise 200-400(???) mg/week

So basically; should I just bump up my Primobolan dose (and add som front and back-loading) OR should I add an other compound such as eq and run smaller doses?? In which case what doses would you recommend?

I hope that you can help!

PS. Love this forum, I’ve been here ALOT this is my first topic.

Thanks for reading
i dont advise steroid use at your age... some others may chime in but i dont advise things i know are not a good idea bro, sorry...
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