Ufc 195

This is one of those cards I'm not placing any bets, cause its too hard to decide. Those fights can go either way. Big Ben is a close friend of mine though, so a win for him would be very enjoyable for me. Arlovskis no joke either though. And that main event is gonna be a barnburner man! Lotta inside leg kicks and punches from Lawler and elbows/hellbows and cinch knees from Condit.

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Im not going to bey on any of the matches either. I really like the Lawler/Condit fight, both fighters match up well with a slight edge to Lawler
It's PPV right?
I say lawler. They are both a bit "older" with their careers. But lawler has proven he's better than ever. I don't feel Condit has proven anything too much.

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I feel like Condit won't have any answers for Lawler. He's too vicious and relentless. I'm taking Arlovski too.
I have watched Robbie's hole career..............10- 15 yrs fighting............. have to go with Robbie
I've been watching UFC when you could only rent them on VHS.. I was thinking about this and realized how long someone like Vitor Belford has been in the mix, even Robbie fighting 10-15 years and still relevant. This sport has come a long way, and its cool to see what it has morphed into.

I wish they would have someone else other then Joe R. talk to the fighters afterward.. He is such a fuckin' douche bag sometimes and says the dumbest shit. At least TRY and make it look like you don't have a favorite. He was killing me after the aldo fight.
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