Sarms + Test cycle?


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Has anyone got any links to studies that support the idea that SARMS will fight testosterone at the androgen receptors and essentially kick test off making it useless?

I want to add LGD or YK 11 to my test cycle but don't want to limit the test.
there are no studies done on this but i have years upon years of seeing logs and coaching people on them not to mention running them together myself and the thought or idea that somehow they dont work well together or inhibit what they do is absolute nonsense.. i have seen them ran together thousands of times at this point, not to mention how many have used them with trt, as myself as well.. so that theory or idea is bro science, unproven nonsense
That seems like bro science to me but I'm no expert.
You can test it out yourself and see.
Lots of guys have run them together, and lots of guys have had a lot of success so I don't see it being an issue.
I'm sure there is some competition for Androgen receptors, but not enough to completely kill your cycle.
Ryan Russo is the last person if take advice from as he is a Tony huge guy 2 peoole I'd never pay attention with for quality information.
Definitely add them in. Only use our forum approved sponsored sources like and umbrella labs!
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