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So we all know the driving force behind what we do is not the passion for the lift, but rather how passionate we are about changing and improving ourselves for whatever reason. We are after all insecure, judgemental and critical to extremes. I'll be the first to admit that like many, my passion was derived from my obsession with 'the look' initially. Muscles, large ones in particular, resonated to me. Over the years and through trying times, the drive for this switched to dealing with stressors and such things as needing an outlet for them. Some gravitate towards alcohol, drugs, women, whatever other means to compensate and I was fortunate enough to have established a passion for the iron, build upon it and stay faithful to it over the past 34 years.
We'll never be where we want to be. It's an endless pursuit of idealistic perfection that was born out of insecurity often times, but embedded in genuine love... at least for myself. I guess the insecurities for myself were derived from how I chose to grow up. I was to say the least, a shit head. To this day through sharing my experiences with my own son I am reminded and thankful that he is not like me even though he and I are so similar. My son also has a passion for this lifting thing we do, he's also a guy that will only back down if the odds say to do so undeniably and he's a passionate person so I am thankful for him.
Today is day one of my new routine so to speak as I came to this decision yesterday to be on a two on, one off split due to the added intensity in the gym with my newest routine. Today is Wednesday and I'm what I'd call "Friday tired" already. So today is rest, rest, recover, feed, feed, feed and xbox. I haven't played xbox in months. I'll handle some random things, talk on the phone and text some important people (important to me anyways) and just enjoy breathing. No need to pin anything, just a day of chill. I'll be fighting the urge to hit the gym I know, but I know this added rest will be beneficial. Now I know somebody just thought to themselves if 44 is doing a 2 on 1 off, maybe I should try it. Maybe, I dunno, it would all be dependent upon how hard you hit shit in the gym. Don't do whats convenient, do what's necessary. If you have something in the tank, push it. That whole marathon versus sprint mentality does not apply to intensity. If your training allows you to think clearly after a set (not be gasping for air and something to lean on to support your standing up) then you've already fucked up for the day. After every set on this new routine I feel faint and have to catch my breath... it's a good feeling to have to hurry up and lean on something to ensure you don't face plant into a bench, DB, or the floor. Some of you mother fuckers are missing that in your life. There's a reason why some folks stare at me in the gym when training... for some of them it's the weight I use, for some it's my proportions (they say I'm the biggest guy in the gym and I suppose it might be true), but I'd like to think as of late that it's my intensity. Hell, maybe it's just them saying to themselves 'I wish that asshat would stop grunting after super-setting 3 exercises' I dunno, I don't care. You don't like it? Replace me as the gym superhero. Replace me as the guy who people interrupt on a daily to ask shit, or compliment. Hell, that's a set or two I can be doing versus answering questions, or saying thanks. Do me a favor mother fuckers.
So here's what 44 is about to do. Drink my protein shake, go lay down again hopefully till noon and then feed the fucking machine since I don't feel like cooking a bunch of fucking scrambled eggs right now. In reality, I'll lay down till 10:30am then get up and cook those fucking eggs. Talk to my girl on the phone, chill and chill, then cook some dinner because my son will be home for the Summer today. Oh yeah and try to turn on the xbox if even for 30 minutes. I'll probably lie in bed thinking about the possibilities of how I could get bigger, which will make me get up and cook those fucking eggs earlier. Lol, maybe I should just take ten minutes and cook the eggs and eat now lol. Fuck... here I come eggs.
or whilst laying down trying to relax you have to entertain my dumbass on text lol, why didn't you tell me to fuck off you were relaxin? haha or was I the "girl" you were referring to
or whilst laying down trying to relax you have to entertain my dumbass on text lol, why didn't you tell me to fuck off you were relaxin? haha or was I the "girl" you were referring to

Lol, I was laying there like "so much for this nap lol" all good though. I slept off and on anyways. Besides I have shit to do and talking with you is always cool brother.
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