Trenbolone and Test


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Hi Dylan

Hope you well, thank you once again for your informative videos on youtube.

Please help me here, I’m preparing for a Comp in June and wanted to start cutting now.

By the way it will be my first time on stage in Cape Town and I’m 29.

Is trenbolone good to cut and is it okay if I take it with Enanthate?

The steroid I’m familiar with is Winstrol and I must admit it does wonders.

Your response will highly be appreciated.

Keep well.
What are your full stats and experience? Tren is for advanced users bro.. is this your first cycle ?
thats impossible for me to answer when you literally give me nothing to work with... i dont know your cycle history, your goals? your workout history? stats??? age/height/weight/body fat... you cannot expect any sort of valid answer when you give me nothing to work with…
Hey bro, you are asking some very basic questions, and Tren is only for advanced users. Based on those questions you seem far from advanced. What is your full stats, goals, cycle expereince, etc...?
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