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I am vegetarian experienced user ht 5.9 wt 189.6 recently completed my cycle
test 300mg deca 300 mg x 9 weeks
Dianabol 12.5mg x 7 weeks
Ending cycle with test propionate 100mg eod with Npp 100mg eod
I was 173 lb with BF 15% when I started the cycle ended with wt 189.6 with 16.2 Bf.

My question was regarding the traning during PCT.

1. I heard mixed reviews some talking about keeping high intensity with short workout time within 1 hr, while others promoting workouts with less intensity as bodys capacity to repair is minimum during off cycle. Which is the most ideal route?

2.Personally I love volume training for longer duration with moderate to high intensity, would keeping body fueled with carbs before, during and after post workout be worth combating cortisol levels.

3. Along with tamoxifen, ostarin 20mg, Gw 15053, i am adding a few anticortisol herbs ginseng, relora, holy basil, ashwagangha, are these herbs helpful?

4. Adding extra zn supplement along with glutamine 5mg 3x per day. Will that help as glutamine is anticatabolic or is it redundant as I eat a ton of whey as am vegetarian?

5. Also I am adding ephedring 25 mg asp 325mg with 400mg caffeine divided in 2 doses. Does ephidrine have muscle preserving properties? Has anyone any experience with this?

6. I am on a calorie deficit of 100 cal to decrease bf. Do you guys think its unwise to keep deficit esp on off cycle or should I continue to have maintainence calories without a deficit?

Once again, i with to thank Dylan and others for helping me out with my initial query. It helped me a lot. The camaraderie spirit at this forum deeply inspires me.
1. THATS UP TO YOU... there's no right or wrong answer there... you should still train intense but everyone has a different opinion on pct training... if you are running a proper pct and controlling cortisol, you can train as intense as you want... this issue is people not running proper pct's

2. that wont combat cortisol

3. i mean, they are fine... its not like they are going to make some drastic difference

4. once again, you are overthinking in an extreme way at this point

5. no it certainly does not have muscle preserving properties and im not sure where you would come up with that

6. thats trial and error based on each individual
Thank a lot Dylan. That was very quick. Does clenbuterol have muscle preserving properties?
Clenbuterol is an asthma medication that happens to aid in fat burning through thermogenesis. There's nothing anabolic or hormonal about it whatsoever.
I always have the thought to train in pct and off cycle just as you did on cycle. Reduction in anything will result in your body responding to that reduction and adjusting accordingly.
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