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First off let me apologize for the delay in responses some of you have had with titan. here's the update: titan has suffered a brain hemorrhage, he had emergency surgery and has been critically ill. Hes slowly recovering now. Please be patient in his recovery. You WILL be taken care of. U will get your order, your money is safe! Your order will be a lil late, but I'm sure titan will toss u a lil extra for the inconvenience. Right now we ask for your prayers n support and definitely your patience, as titan will always take care of his customers. Unfortunately life happens unexpectedly. I'll keep everyone updated as I get updated.
*Thank you from the TITAN family

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Wow Thoughts and Prayers out to Titan and his family, best wishes for a speedy recovery.
Dam titan seem to before very honest sucks to hear this . Hope he bounces back fast [emoji120]

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Thanks everyone..Hes recovering and will back on his feet soon. He appreciates you guys and your patience..outstanding orders will be getting extras for the delay.
i dont get into sources or anything like that but he is as solid as they come and a very VERY good person... i'll leave it at that and say my prayers are with him.. i assure you, he is as good of a person as they come...
Prayers to Titan and his family. Keep ya head up boy, and wish you a speedy recovery. Stay strong![emoji1548]

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