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    Hey Brother,
    Sorry for the late response.
    To answer your inquiries.... My mk is liquid form. If yours is powder i suggest you get a scale and weight out the doses and put it in gel caps. You can go to any health food store and ask for empty gel caps. Sometimes smoke shops have them too. Thats what Id do if i had powder. Your Mk and Ostat will NOT absorb if you just hold the powder under your tongue.You could just swallow the powder but do not hold it under your tongue youll be wasting your money. Plus it tastes awful. Believe me you dont want that. Hope that helps man. Good luck, start a log, id like to compare results.
    Hey bro...
    Reading ur post here...
    Lemme ask...
    The mk677...sublingual...was it in powder form?? Cause I also am 35 and just grabbed some on a whim and am unsure if I can use it in raw powder form...and that's what I have well as ostarine...same question...can I take it in raw powder form sublingualy??
    Thanks bro
    Really need some feedback
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