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So the other day my nephew in prison calls and asks if we could get him some long johns and commissary items. No problem, he is incapable of doing something better for himself so no problem as usual with him. We go online and get him a bunch of stuff and viola... easy as that. Now here's where I have a problem with shit. Two days later who calls? His mother asking my wife if she can borrow $100 to pay her rent and she will pay me back this Friday... THIS FRIDAY. I tell my wife "okay, but I want my money Friday, or it's gonna be a problem. She said Friday and I expect it Friday." I hope I don't have to spend $40 on gas and $30 on tolls to drive to her place and fuck her up over $100. If you know your kid just got something from me, why double down? If you don't pay me back, you're cut off and your kid as well just to prove a point. I only agreed to it for two reasons:
1. She said THIS Friday.
2. My wife is gonna stress her out about paying me back on time. Sometimes when they cut deal with me it's good for the wife to have to be concerned about my next actions.

Then she texts my wife about having to go see the doc this week about her possible breast cancer returning. Mind you, this is the one who refused to take her tamoxifen because it made her feel woozy and opted for homeopathic herbs instead of proven treatment. WTF people, WTF. Also while on the phone my nephew and I are talking football and he squeezed this in 'Yeah Unc we can watch the game in your big house'. I'm not taking on boarders, you can visit, but what I don't need is my tattoo'd faced, budz smoking nephew staying where I live getting accused of every crime in the city. You can't look a certain way around here and not expect trouble. I'm not gonna get pulled over because he's in the car that's for certain. I'm thinking his 2 Masters Degree having mother needs to get her shit straight before he gets out in six months after serving a 8 year bid.
Oh bun Dumnezeu! I thought American side of my familie was bad! Guess I should just be glad they are only near completely disfunctional.................................
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Just waiting on this bitch to default on Friday. To be rid of someone for $100 is a bargain. As long as she owes she'll never have the balls to visit, or ask again. This is how I rid myself of one of my brothers who lives just 45 minutes $100 I ever spent.
I love the way that works.....I have a crackhead old friend that owes me $50 for 2 old lamps....won't call me ever again....
I'm telling you if they would just stop calling with dumb shit my life would be stress free bro's. They make me act like an asshole and put my wife in these situations where she has to worry about if they're gonna do as they said they would, my subsequent actions and the end result. Honestly I hope the bitch doesn't have cancer again because that way it won't be some dumb ass debate about burial expenses with all of them looking at us. I hate these stupid lemmings.
as long as you and your wife keep giving, them mf'rs don't have no probs yall the ones with the probs lol they need to have more problems in their lives not yall having their fucking problems.
I'll bet you a bottle of Cyp that she has an excuse on Friday as to why she cannot pay back the money.Bro write it off,you dont loan to family with expectations of ever seeing the money again.But seriously that is some funny shit.Thanks for the laugh.
as long as you and your wife keep giving, them mf'rs don't have no probs yall the ones with the probs lol they need to have more problems in their lives not yall having their fucking problems.

I feel ya, I just said okay because my wife needs to see first hand how they are. I know she's sweating waiting on her sister to pay me back Friday.
So I send the shit walmart to walmart as per her request, I picture shot the number thingy and text it to her. What cracks me up is she replied 'okay', no thank you, no I'll be sure to get it back to you Friday just a big unappreciative 'okay'. Never again bro's never the fuck again even if she pays me back. What the fuck is the matter with people nowadays? You claim you need it to not be late on your rent and I imagine I just saved this cunt a late fee and all you can say is 'okay'? Wow. Nothing worse than a mother fucker in need with a sense of pride. If you looked like shit maybe you'd have a man that could've given you $100, or more, but since you're overweight, closing in on 50 and any man that age doesn't want an old broke bitch that'll never happen. We'll accept a hot, young broke, simple minded sex machine, but when you have to talk to your penis and beg it to rise for old, flubbery bitches it just ain't gonna happen. Fucking troll.
You need to light ur ol ladys ass up on that bro

I'm def gonna let her know about it, but I know she'll get defensive and say 'she was probably in a hurry texting back' and then I'll remind her "THX" is shorter than 'okay' and later when she talks to her sister she will get on her because of how fucking stupid it was of her to put my wife in that situation with me behind something as simple as common sense and manners. Ignorant modern day Louisiana born urban monkey... I learned that really offensive and racist term at a Tea party convention I attended with David Duke btw. Just kidding.

DISCLAIMER**** THE 44 IS A BLACK MAN MIXED WITH JAPANESE. So I can do that jokingly fucksticks.
So supposedly after visiting the doctor her cancer is back and my wife told her I said she needed to take the tamoxifen, but she knew better. I hope she survives this, but home remedies are all bullshit imo.
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