The Dangers of Under Age Steroid Use: A new video by Dylan Gemelli

I saw your reply to this very question earlier. Thank you for making a video to inform kids BEFORE they use gear.
Great video bro!

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In this video, I go into great detail explaining the many dangers of under age steroid use. The many reasons why steroid use is so detrimental to someone using steroids when they are far too young are explained so that no questions are left un answered. This video will help everyone considering steroid use at too young of an age to make the right decision... If you are on the younger side and considering steroid use or just someone who wants to enhance their knowledge base and also help others considering steroids when they are far too young then you MUST watch this video!

The Dangers of Under Age Steroid Use:
Great video, Dylan! Have watched many hours of your content on YT! Thank you for what you put out there! I've never been so informed on this topic!

I was sold d-bol at age 15 by a knuckles dragging bouncer! I was a late bloomer and boys in my year were already bigger and more developed than most fully grown men! I had been lifting most days from age 14 and when I knew this guy could get gear, I went for it. My mate had just won an under 18s BB contest as a natty so he was on the look-out for a supplier anyway. So we both went for it. But fuck... I'm sure it fucked me right up!
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