Thanks again Pharma Lady


Order #6 just arrived. This time it was some mk 677 modafinil and bio trope hgh(i'd upload pic but i'm too noob and idk how to attach thumbnail..).Been on her mk 677 for 2 months, great stuff. Took 200 mg of modafinil 2h pre-workout today, killed it in the gym, felt like i could workout forever. Special thanks to cbbram for his assistance on a minor issue regarding a wrong track number, very fast responses.As always , top notch services and quality products!!

(i can't give any feedback on bio trope since i'm not taking it for myself)
Glad everything worked out for you and happy to help. Be careful with the Modafinil... It's awesome but cycle it on and off. It can be addictive. I try not to go more than 2-3 days on and take the same amount of time off. It's awesome stuff for focusing especially in the gym. Modafinil and Tren is amazing.
and yes, her tren 75 from pb is crazy. A friend of mine who ran 10+ cycles is curently using it at only 300 mg+350 test P (also her PB) and he says he never had higher quality gear
TDT Rapid 300 hits harder. Adding Mast to Tren and Test makes a HUGE difference. Increased aggression, strength and helps keep you dryer.
a quick mini feedback on my first dose of modafinil.10 hours in , i'm not craving any food(despite being on mk 677) i'm a lot more optimistic, open minded and focused, killed a leg workout, extra cardio and i've been solving a lot of tasks that i've postponed for days.This sh1t is awesome
I have to force myself to eat also and I don't get sleepy after eating carbs like I normally do from HGH. It's great if you're on a cutting cycle. I'm also more friendly to others than I normally am.
Modafinil sounds great. I have the narcoleptic side of ADHD where my brain jumps straight into REM stage of sleep when I get too bored. It sounds like a lot of fun, maybe similar to Tren but with a higher focus on the increasing mental focus.
I like PharmaLady products. I was on her Tbol for a bit. Strong stuff, 40mg per day I only felt like sleeping and eating protein. Gained some muscle mass with zero exercise, but hated the constant sleepy effect. Dropped to 20mg per day, still craved a lot of protein everyday, still saw some free gains but even better with exercise. I got off last week, and my protein needs have reduced 60%. I can do better with less now than before? I want to try tren with a superdrol or a little Trestolone next cycle.
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